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Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad

Bombina orientalis Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad

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Status in the Wild:

Flip Flop

From above, Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads look like innocent, green frogs with black spots. However, when threatened, they arch their body, sometimes even flipping themselves over completely, flashing the bright red-and-black warning spots on their belly. This reaction, named the unken reflex, warns predators, “I’m poisonous, if you eat me, you may croak.”

Toad Abode

Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads can be found thriving in northeastern China, Korea, southern Japan and southern parts of Russia. They are extremely aquatic and spend most of their time in slow-moving streams and ponds.

You can see Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads in the Zoo’s Creepy Crawlers exhibit.

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