Distance Learning

Take a trip to the Zoo without leaving your classroom!

Our live Distance Learning programs will be hosted by one of our Education Specialists, who will interact with your group remotely while presenting two live animals and animal artifacts. 

The program topics are aligned with South Dakota and National Science Standards, and are designed to enrich and reinforce your science lesson plans.  We have three topics available this fall, based on grade: Habitats for PreK- grade 4, Food Webs for grades 2-5, and Classification for grades 6-7 and high school. (Program descriptions are below.)

Through our relationship with the Dakota Digital Network, we are able to connect remotely with any classroom or location on the DDN system.  We will be offering these 20-30 minute presentations on an as-requested basis, so you can schedule them to fit within your class’s daily calendar.  The price per program is $50.

If you would like more information about these classes or to schedule a program, please contact our Education department at (605) 367-8313 x233 or at education@gpzoo.org.

Available topics include:

Habitats for PreK- grade 4: Enhance your habitats and adaptations units with the Zoo!  With the help of biological artifacts and two live animals, we’ll explore two habitats, discover animals that call them home, and investigate the traits that these animals have to help them meet their basic needs.  

Food Webs for grades 2-5: Enhance your units on food webs and the relationship between plants and animals with this course from the Zoo!  Using biological artifacts and two live animals, we’ll follow the energy through the food chain and explore the roles animals play in their environments.

Classification for grades 6-7 and high school: Add some life to your classification and taxonomy units with this fun Zoo class!  Using biological artifacts and two live animals, we’ll review the basic characteristics of Kingdom Animalia and  highlight two classes of vertebrates.