Bring the Zoo to YOU!

Make learning fun when the Zoo comes to you!  With program styles for every size audience, topics built around state and national science standards, and unique animals from around the globe, the ZooMobile is a great way to bring science and nature into your world!

Click here for our registration form!  Simply complete it and email to education@gpzoo.org, and we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Program Types:

Class (designed for up to 40 people)

Our classes are perfect for small groups!  These programs include focused topics, activities to enhance learning, and hands-on experience with four live animals. 

Presentation (designed for groups of 40 or more)

Presentations are designed with assemblies in mind!  These exciting programs by engaging presenters include large-audience activities and feature four of our most charismatic creatures.  You might even get a chance to meet one of the animals up close!

Community Event/Fair (for come-and-go audiences)

Liven up your next big event with a booth from the Zoo!  With a table full of animal artifacts and a chance to meet some of our live animals, the ZooMobile will be sure to be a hit with your participants.


To read more about the ZooMobile programs, click on the links below. For reservations and program fees click here.



Feet and Faces (Pre-Kindergarten)

Every animal has the right body part for their job!  We’ll explore all the ways that animals move through their environment and investigate the world around them.

South Dakota State Science Standards: Early Learning 3.1

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All About Animals (Pre-K through 4th grade)

Sort your way through the world, discovering the similarities and differences between living things!  We’ll explore the characteristics of creepy crawlies and the “big five:” mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

South Dakota State Science Standards: Early Learning 3.1, K.L.1.1; 2.L.1.2; 4.L.1.2

National Science Standards: K-4 Content Standard C, characteristics of organisms


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Adapted to the Habitat (Pre-K through 4th grade)

Travel the world and explore the places that animals call home!  Find out how each habitat provides the basics that animals need and discover the traits that animals have to help them survive, even in the harshest places on Earth.

South Dakota Science Standards: Early Learning 3.2, Early Learning 3.3, 1.L.1.3; 1.L.3.1; 2.L.3.2; 3.L.1.2; 3.L.2.1; 4.L.2.1

National Science Standards: K-4 Content Standard C, organisms and environments

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People and Animals (K through 4th grade)

Endangered, extinct, domestic and wild! Investigate how people and animals depend on each other for survival and how we can impact our planet.

South Dakota Science Standards: 2.L.3.1; 2.L.3.3; 3.L.3.1; 3.L.3.3; 4.L.2.2

National Science Standards: K-4 Content Standard F, changes in environments

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System for Sorting (5th grade through High School)

Delve deeper into the classification system biologists use to sort animals.  Find out what Kingdom, Phylum, and Class really mean!

South Dakota Science Standards: 6.L.1.2; 7.L.1.3; 9-12.L.1.

National Science Standards: 9-12 Content Standard C, biological evolution 


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Conservation Exploration (5th grade through High School)

Discover the influence humans have on ecosystems, both negative and positive, and hear the stories of some of the world’s endangered species.

South Dakota Science Standards: 5.L.3.1; 7.L.3.1; 9-12.L.3.1

National Science Standards: 5-8 Content Standard F, populations, resources, and environments; 9-12 Content Standard F, environmental quality

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Zoo Careers (5th grade through High School)

Zookeepers are the key to this class, but they’re not the only people who work at the Zoo!  Find out the reality, good and bad, of working with animals, and discover more about the other careers it takes to run a Zoo.

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Create Your Own Program (All Ages)

If the programs listed above do not fit the needs of your classroom, let us design a program especially for your group.  Given at least a 2 week notice, we can create a program covering almost any topic.


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