Working to Save Wildlife

Conservation is a cornerstone of the Great Plains Zoo’s (GPZ) mission. Alongside the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), we work to save animals from extinction every day.

From rounding up for conservation when you purchase your ticket to participating in boots-on-the-ground field work, GPZ is focused on conservation efforts that move the dial toward species preservation - right at home and across the globe!

Learn a little bit about GPZ's conservation efforts below!

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The Great Plains Zoo (GPZ) is proud to be a Protector member of the Founders Circle of AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction.

As an AZA accredited zoo, GPZ is partnering with AZA and other AZA institute members for three SAFE programs. We are SAFE partners for the Eastern Black Rhinoceros, as well as Monarch butterflies. We are also very proud of being one of the founding members of the Lion SAFE program, as we work in close contact with AZA throughout our Building Our Community Pride campaign to bring lions to GPZ. The goal of the program is to collaborate with other AZA facilities to focus on conservation efforts for these animals, as we move the dial to save species in need.

SAFE aims to:

  • Protect threatened animals
  • Build on established recovery plans and history of commitment
  • Prioritize collaboration among AZA institutions
  • Implement strategic conservation and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Measure and report on conservation progress