We Bring the Zoo to You!

The Great Plains Zoo’s ZooMobile program provides an opportunity to experience part of the zoo without the need to travel. From preschool to retired adults and everyone in between, your group is sure to enjoy it when we bring the zoo to you! Presentations with unique animals from around the world are the perfect way to bring an adventure to your doorstep.

Our ZooMobile programs are built around state and national science standards to deliver an enriching and engaging experience for ages 3 and up. The ZooMobile can travel up to 150 miles from the zoo, and we have options for small groups and large, as well as community events. Start your ZooMobile registration below or contact us for more information about your options.

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Program Types


Designed for up to 40 People

A ZooMobile class is perfect for a smaller group. This 30- to 45-minute program includes four live animals, and provides opportunities for participants to ask questions, see the animals up close, and even touch some of them!


Designed for Groups of 40 or More

Presentations are ideal for a large, seated audience, such as a school assembly or library summer program. We tailor the 45-minute experience to suit a big crowd, including interactive opportunities and four animals. The entire audience will also get an up-close experience with one of our animals!

Community Events & Fairs

Designed for Come-and-Go Audiences

Make the ZooMobile part of your event! If you’ll have multiple vendors for families to interact with, we can add a live animal opportunity! Our table will display animal artifacts and a chance to meet live animals up close. This interactive display is available for up to two hours.

Virtual ZooMobiles

We offer the same great live presentations virtually if accommodations, distance, or other circumstances make a ZooMobile visit challenging. Virtual ZooMobile presentations are live and interactive, including four animal ambassadors from our zoo population. The same topics in traditional ZooMobile programs are available virtually, and we’ll work with a date and time that fits your schedule. Using Zoom, participants can watch the presentation and engage with the presenter to ask questions from anywhere they have computer and internet access.
Group presentations are $60 plus tax and include space for up to 99 separate log-in participants (if audience members are not in the same location). If you need more than 99 log-ins, you can book virtual presentations back-to-back. Personalized zoo animal meet and greets with two animals and a presentation topic are available for up to four separate log-ins with no limit to the number of viewers per screen. The cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

ZooMobile Registration

Start by filling out the registration form below, the type of program you’re requesting, and your preferred dates and times. Once the form is completed and submitted, a representative from the zoo will review your request and reach out if there are any questions. ZooMobile visits must be requested at least two weeks in advance are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation email.