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Help name our red wolf pups

Head to the puppy polls to cast your vote and help us name our adorable red wolf pups!

Cast your vote for just $6 and vote as many times as you like to help choose names inspired by indigenous languages from the wolves' native range. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date and keep your eyes peeled for the exciting announcement of the winning names on Friday, March 1!

Funds raised will go towards updating and renovating the Red Wolf exhibit.

Male Pup #1

  • Adohi (uh-DO-hee) - From the Woods
  • Halian (HAY-lee-en) - Youthful
  • Chesmu (ch-EZ-mew) - Gritty, Witty

Male Pup #2

  • Inali (ih-NAH-lee) - Black Fox
  • Kishi (KEE-shee) - Night
  • Pillan (PIL-en) - God of Stormy Weather

Male Pup #3

  • Knoton (NOH-tin) - Wind, Free, Liberty
  • Nodin (NOH-din) - Windy Day
  • Yaholo (yuh-HO-lo) - One Who Yells

Male Pup #4

  • Kajika (kuh-JEE-kuh) - Walks Without Sound
  • Coro (COHR-oh) - Wind
  • Mowanza (MOW-in-Zah) - Little Wolf
Female Pup #5
  • Tehya (TAY-uh) - Precious
  • Tala (TAH-luh) - Precious
  • Imala (ee-MAH-luh) - Strong-Minded

Female Pup #6

  • Lomasi (loh-MAH-see) - Pretty Flower
  • Ajana (uh-JAHN-uh) - Eternal Bloom, Forever Flower
  • Tazanna (tuh-ZAHN-uh) - Princess

Cast Your Vote Here - Polls Open February 1