January 2024 Penguin of the Month: “Sammy” Sammons

Great Plains Zoo’s January Penguin of the Month is “Sammy” Sammons.

Sammy was born at the zoo in July 2023. He is easy to identify, because unlike the rest of the troop, he still has juvenile grey feathers. When he molts later in 2024, he’ll have adult black and white feathers.

Sammy’s egg was laid by Maya. Because Maya laid multiple eggs, his was given to Pippa and partner Quince to incubate. The pair has already successfully raised two chicks at GPZ, and they have done an incredible job with Sammy, as well. Sammy loves playing with his brothers, Rico and Paco, and learning from his parents.

Sammy was named by the team at Sammons Financial Group in Sioux Falls, which won the naming rights in the live auction at 2023’s Wings & Waves Gala.