January 2024 Sea Star: Short-tail Nurse Shark

The Butterfly House & Aquarium (BHA) team is excited to announce our first Sea Star – the short-tail nurse shark!

BHA’s three short-tail nurse sharks were introduced to the Under the Dock exhibit in January 2023. In one year, they have doubled in size – and they have plenty of growing left to do. Short-tail nurse sharks can live up to 30 years in human care, and can grown up to three feet long!

The nurse sharks like to hide out in the tunnels along their exhibit floor. Aquarists do target training with the sharks and their tankmates, which helps feeding time go smoothly.

Our nurse sharks are fed a diet of restaurant-quality seafood, including squid, capelin, herring, silverside, mullet, clams, and shrimp. Their favorites are shrimp and squid!

Be sure to stop by the Under the Dock exhibit to say hello to the sharks, as well as their stingray and fish tankmates.

Sea Stars is a monthly opportunity to spotlight one of our incredible species or animal ambassadors, with Sea Star of the Year announced each December. Check out our new honoree each month of 2024!