Tadeo is February’s Penguin of the Month

This February, our penguin valentine is Tadeo!

Tadeo was born at Akron Zoological Park in 2009. After arriving at Great Plains Zoo in 2014, he became a devoted partner to Bonita. She had previously been partners with Hector. Bonita passed away in 2023, leaving Tadeo a single penguin.

Tadeo is an excellent nest-builder. He likes to hang out on the rocks in the middle of the long row of nest boxes, right in front of his own box. He likes to collect Inca tern feathers and ice cubes to put in his nest box, and when the penguins have outdoor access, he adds sticks and leaves, as well.

Tadeo’s favorite food is smelt. He is very laid back and gentle with his care team.

His band color is white. See if you can spot him in the penguin habitat!